The Most Violent Exhausting Involuntry Attempt To Empty Your Lungs

What really puts this debilitating desease right up there is when you get that little tickle in the back of your throat or that little rattle of phlegm in your airways and then you make that decision to clear it...........

A couple of light little coughs hoping you will get a way with the inevitable...what ensues is the most violent exhausting involuntary attempt to empty your lungs and then you try to take a breath.... and nothing happens...

You try to stay cool assuming that the next attempt to draw breath everything will settle and your lungs will expand with a big fresh cloud of pure life saving oxygen... and then nothing happens again, you look in the mirror, you look rough, tired, and exhausted, looking at yourself in the eye trying to work out your next step, this course of action is not working, there is not a lot of time, you gulp at air but that's futile, NOW WHAT?, its been 20 seconds and counting....You need some answers, should I phone an ambulance? not much use in the short term.. forget that.. is this it then, is this how its going to finish?

You start to PANIC wondering how long before the lights go out and then, WHOOP, a tiny bit of air is aloud through this miniscule opening in your airways as you feel them relaxing, then another breath, slightly more air in, then you feel everything opening up and you are allowed to take a lung full that reassures you that you will live to go through this all again. Hopefully with the same outcome or better!  and so you are left stood there wondering what the hell happened there and did you just stare death in the face, 

This is one mother of a virus.......Good luck to everyone that suffers the same. You can see why people die from it.
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3 Responses Feb 4, 2013

Do adults actually die from this? I heard babies can. Has anyone heard of someone passing out cold when they cough each time?

I have pertussis also. Now I know why they have vaccines for this disease. I am in my third week . Have your symptoms abated yet. I had to close my business temporarily. I find conflicting info whether its viral or bacterial...whether any treatments work. I did the Z-pak after the first week...too late! I'm still at the point where I cant go in public for fear of having an attack.

Cough suppressants don't seem to work although antihistamines seem to delay attacks from every hour to maybe every 2...although I may be starting to mend a little. Maybe I am just getting used to the attacks. I use a cranial electrotherapy device to lower panic and anxiety. For some wonderful reason I am mostly asymptomatic when I sleep...but then the first attack in the morning is usually the worst.

Eating seems to help me feel better...just do it after an attack, don't wait til your about ready for another attack. This is probably the worst, most fearful I've felt in 60 years. I hear they modified the vaccine in the early 90's to reduce side effects, but the new vaccine wears off faster now.

I would recommend that anyone with ten years between them and their last vaccine talk to their doc about redoing it.

Hi thanks for posting. I thought I was alone in Australia with this experience in 2013 as most other posts are in earlier years. I am in the 5th week of pertussis which I caught from someone coughing all over me in the supermarket-and constantly clearing my throat and then violently coughing if I clear it too vigorously. Can't sleep without being propped up and cannot imagine that this will ever end but common sense tells me that it must eventually get better. The recovery is so slow!