Future Dream?

Ive tried to classify this dream as many things but it doesent match the criteria of anything ive ever heard of, can any one tell me what it falls under it's not astral travel, not remote veiwing, I have no idea! it began with a phone call from my brother, he invited me to come up and stay in port lincoln i said i would but not sure when it was possible, we discussed the many things we could do while i was visiting, one of them fishing, the phone call ended whith the usual goodbuys. and as the phone was above the bed I took the opportunity to take a quick nap as I drifted off to sleep, I had the thought of going on a fishing trip the picture I had in my mind was of three people standing on a L shaped jetty with conveyor machinery. I recognised two of the people to be me and my brother and the third I'd never met. the picture in my mind involved the three of us fishing, the surrounding area as a motionless image other than the water, the ocean was moving. it was as if I was veiwing a picture from some distance away from the jetty, floating above the water, I could not see behind me, I did not try, I felt although I only had limited veiw of what was before me, nothing else seemed to stand out. around eight months later I did find the time to travel to port lincoln and sure enough ended up going fishing. there we were, me my brother and his friend on the jetty fishing. some hour or more into it I had the strangest feeling of de'ja'vu but how could that be? Ive never been here before! it took me some time but I quickly remembered that dream, then the reality of it all hit hard, I have been here I saw this! then to make things even more strange I started looking out toward the vantage point of my dream to see if I was there looking back at myself or something it was a weird feeling, I didn't see anything though, and ive never mentioned this to all involved it was just to weird also ive never had a dream involving the future before or since. I usually never remember dreams anyway. this only leaves me with the theory that dreams must be more powerfull than most could understand!!
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1 Response Feb 4, 2012

i have had many dreams like this in my life. It is funny to me watching tv psycics and how they can call upon certain events, major events, and 99 out of 100 times are wrong or they are so general that it's impossible to tell. I myself have tell myself and others that it's a precognative ability. I have never been able to see important events or the like. Others have told me it's De'ja'vu but with totally random events and outcomes and the amount of time and effort it would take and lives for me to influence perfectly to make a specific conversation occur that i don't initiate make me believe it to be a precog ability. it's either that or my mind just sees the pattern with out me realizing it and can accurately predict the event taking place which i find hard to believe. my mind does work like that but that is like genius level of thinking which i'm no genius so...