I really just want someone to tell me why I'm dreaming this or how I can stop dreaming this?

I was expelled from school because of my self harm two years ago, and ever since then, I've been dreaming that the school has allowed me to come back and finish my last year...
I'm sick of these dreams, and I just want to forget that i never finished...
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Enrolll in colledge and get a degree. That may help allieviate your hauntings of self affliction.

I tried to do that, but the work got so intense that it set off my depression.
I had to drop out because I couldn't handle it >

Then slow down the pace and take fewer classes. not everyone has the same pace. I do things slowly and enjoy each experience at my own pace. You are going to be depressed if you try to do more than you can handle or if you major in a degree that your not suited too. Think about what you love and aspire to. Be who you are at your own pace.

I wish you really do appreciate yourself, for the beautiful person you are.

You are Love, right now in a pretty harsh environment. But times do change.

The burden of your mother is not yours to carry. Her life is hers. You cannot help it, even less by grieving. Your task is to live your own life, that includes good times and inspiring relationships.

I'm from a broken home myself, with depression and heavy thoughts.. did not cut myself though, but I still can relate much to your story. Eventually I managed to heal myself to the extent that I can enjoy life. It is possible.

Never stop believing in your ability to change your approach, to both your thoughts and the current situation. It might take a time but you will get there. Be inventive, imagine positive solutions and get use to the idea that there are lots of happy things for you out there, somewhere. In such a state of mind you will also be open to attract more happiness. Work on it.

Also, you don't "have to" achieve things before you are feeling better. But it could be a good decision to occupy yourself with something rather than sitting alone with too much grief to bury yourself in. Exercise is a healthy way to combat moodiness.

Focus, solely if you can, on things that makes you happier, if you see something nice, stop and enjoy it for a while..allow yourself to be happy..(might take some time getting used to) think of things to do that you would enjoy...choose to NOT cut, choose YOUR joy instead, choose love, because you certainly deserve it! Hugs! <3

I will try.
Thankyou &lt;3
*hugs back*

Something inside you feel unsatisfied with the circumstances of what happened, you have a hard time letting it go, so it shows up in your dreams.

Maybe by going through your emotions, by taking some positive action, (self forgiveness, maybe some form of education/other) to change how you relate to the event, might help you get over it. It will be easier with time too, so don't give up.

To me it seems that you would have deserved some help instead of expellation? Probably they wish the best for you, but did not have the right answers? Hugs!

Thankyou for the hugs :3

I've tried to further education, but I keep getting snowed under with the work and it makes my depression flare up really badly :/