Dream Request ( Someone Asked Me To Post Another One )

There was a big talking muffin that was speaking about trees and it transformed into a bird and a plane nearly crashed on it but it was saved by a funny green hippo with a huge soft belly with a cat drawn on it and there was also a panda made out of firework sparks that rampaged and breathed rainbows and there was blue and orange puppies with barrels of cookies( the lprechauns weren't there because they became leperchaun ghouls because the panda was radioactive ) Then a limo brought a giant alien killer robot that shot liquorice beams out of his eyes and it had a shoot da whoop face ! Then the panda and the robot had a kaiju war with Godzilla, King Gidhora, Mothra and the big muffin. There were craters everywhere but they were actually cake icing whirlpools and the rubble was marshmallows. At the end they all shouted : WE A FI-E-RIN AR LAZA!! and the universe exploded but since it was boring, it popped back and I ate a snickerdoodle.

Inoue Inoue
18-21, F
11 Responses Apr 14, 2010


...how much sugar?...

There must have been thousands of tons of it !


Someone told me my brain makes acid..

o.O I wish I had dreams like that :P

I forgot !!

Why is there no one saying anything?

Yay there's Godzilla in your dream!

Another one please. But post it here, no need to make another story

You call that weird ? That's freakin' NUTS

Ha. Ha haha ha.