Wife And Another Man

Yes, I too have a wild imagination and over the years, knowing that my wife even at 39 is still hot with a beautiful face, alluring eyes, sexy auburn hair and a set of natural 36D breasts that all men notice immediately, think of what all the men that look at her want to do to and with her.

Versus worry and fight that thought, I have succumb to the fact that I can never stop other men from desiring her. So I turn the tables and fantasize about what other men would do with/to her or better yet, what she would do to them.

Perhaps I am biased, but my wife's mouth and ***** are so tight and awesome that with one entry she can even bring me to near climax with one insertion.

So, while I am curious as to what other men may want to do with her, I have a wild imagination as to how she would take one in her treasure while one in her mouth and one in each hand while I watch her display her perfect abilities after all these years.

Perhaps this is not a story but instead a question. Do any other guys out there have awesome hot wife's who they fantasize about seeing her with other men?

Are there women out there that dream for a loyal and faithful husband yet imagine what it would be like to have the security of a loyal and faithful man yet after years of the same man would just love a night to be wild. crazy, naughty and sexually abuse as many men as possible?
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 22, 2013