The Inner Monster

So I have to admit.  With each passing week, the monster inside me grows larger and more demanding.  I am trying so hard, yet I am in a losing battle.  This monster called desire is strong and  I find my sexual fantasies getting further in control of my psyche.  I now constantly think up kinky thoughts of how my lover will take me; make me his or hers; and give me the release I so desperately need! 
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anticipation can be very powerful foreplay , but there has to be release and climax at some point babe ! xoxo peter

Hidden desires, fantasies and our own perverted thoughts are not neccessarily a bad thing. They keep our minds open, our feelings refreshed and our lust for pleasure in the forefront of our minds. It is though in my opinion, to be explored and not just thoughts. It's difficult at times depending on one's situation and may not always be possible. If one can't really explore and feel what your body demands then there certainly is no harm in fantasizing...

i loved that "hers" bit..... :))))))))))))))

you need a spanking for all those nasty naughty thoughts

Be careful not to go overboard, but unless you fan that fire and experience a few of those fantasies, you will never know the true limit of your sexuality and the pure lustful feelings it brings you.

learn to make the monster you friend and use it to your advantage to manipulate men and make women fear u

Variety and imagination has always been instilled in me when making love to a woman. There are times and places for those acts we need and anticipate happening on a regular schedule however I feel if I use my imagination to take her in different ways quite often she thinks about it and gets horny which then makes me want it even more. The bed is not imagination although it can get interesting trying new things with her there after you have used imagination elsewhere. When I was first married, we had a clothes dryer however my wife liked to hang our clothes out on a umbrella clothes line, I loved to watch her do it and would offer to help which would result in us making love inbetween the sheets but in vertical positions. It was spontaneous screwing, she loved it and so did I. Lately it has been using my imagination with other married women, take her to the mall and tease her, you know touching discretely those places she craves being touched even at home in bed with her hubby but he won't do it, then taking her to the family restroom, setting her up on the changing shelf and plowing her with hard meat then eating her through ****** #2. We should use more imagination with women, they love it and the rewards are fantastic.

@ deedee, me either... though it's kinda hard to imagine being more sexual than I am now tho... ;)

I know just what you mean.

Very cool to read that,it's hot to know that about you.Share more please.

sen-su-al: Of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical<br />
<br />
Hey SuzyQ. Why fight it? Just work with it and enjoy yourself. Let yourself have the pleasure you want and need. There's no need to hold back unless you find yourself acting on impulse and doing something that could be medically unsafe. Being sensual probably also means that you enjoy heightened senses of smell, taste and sight ... and that's not at all bad.<br />
<br />
Join the club SuzyQ. I started having sex when I was 12 and my desires have still not diminished ... and I hope they never do.

Wow, you and I are exactly alike...

Wow, you and I are exactly alike...

Just let that tiger in you out girl friend and look out becuse once you have released it only fun fild days of great pleasure will come your way.

What's to hold back on? We're lust-filled creatures. It's why we've survived. It's (in part) why we live. <br />
And, really, most of us find that our dark, frightening desires turn to joy when we share them with someone special.<br />
Love your pic, buy the way.

Here you're holding back on this monster, and here I'm holding back... and wondering..... why are we all holding back. Damb

But, OMG, what a gorgeous monster you have, SuzieQ...<br />
<br />
We each walk our own paths, dealing with, and enjoying our physical selves and our physical pleasures. As long as where you draw your boundaries isn't hurting anyone else, or you, than all is well.

Well you're not alone I dealing with an inner monster, I find myself fantasizing a lot about how I'd dominate a woman or how to make her submit to me, I make sure I act it out and get what I want/need out of her! Maybe you just need to do the same.

wow great comments. Thanks guys, as always!

Yeah, those thoughts seem to take up more and more of my thinking time it seems.