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Reading these stories gets my **** so juicy I can hardly stand it. I like to wear a tight shirt and bring my **** out the neck hole so they're squeezed together. Then I start rubbing my nipples while fantasizing about being with another woman (in my dreams only). By this time my juices are flowing so I start to rub my **** wishing that same woman was sucking it hard. I want to feel another woman sucking my nipples and wearing a strap-on ***** to **** me until I'm screaming.

I'm so horny right now I can't stand it, but writing this story is making me even more horny. I also love to fantasize about my husband ******* off his big hard **** even though I can't stand him. I wish I could see another guy shoving his **** up his *** while my husband jerks his **** into oblivion. God, am I going to *** now. I hope this made you feel good.

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7 Responses Mar 22, 2011

What a great story. I am very hard and very horny. I would love to see my wife **** you. I would definitely **** your husband's *** - is it OK if I also suck his ****?

yes same here

That is one hot fantasy. I'd love to be the extra guy in this scenario.

oooooooooh, you've got me all horny reading this stuff ! Shocking, Shocking - GIVE US MORE !!!

ALot of time I get horny just telling my storys. Remembering the details of what I did with the girls gets me all excited.

would love to hear more of your fantasies......

I have the same kind of fantasy,when i J/O with my ***** i imagine a **** is fccking my *** .& shot a big load of hot ***,