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My Fantasy

Hey , One of my Fantasies.....Hope you enjoy

My lover and I go often go to the gym just to keep in trim. I enjoy working out on the Rowing machine while my lover Lindsay puts in the miles on the Cycles. After a good work out we go to the mixed showers and then to our cubicle to get dry and dressed.

As I'm drying Lindsay's back a woman pokes her head round the cubicle and asks Lindsay where she had her tattoo done. The woman introduces herself as Karen and starts talking to Lindsay about tattoos. Karen has a magnificent dragon that starts on her shoulder and over her generous firm breast and down to her stomach and round her back.

My **** twitches as Lindsay, as if in a daze starts to trace the lines of the tattoo with her fingertips on Karen's shoulder down to her breast. Suddenly Karen grabs my lovers hand and presses it too her breast. Instead of pulling her hand away, she start to squeeze Karen's tattooed breast.

Karen's hand moves moves down Lindsay's tummy to her ***** making her knees buckle. They both move to the bench and Lindsay sits down. Karen drops to her knees and buries her face in Lindsay's *****.

I cant any more. I kneel on the cold floor behind Karen and push my rock hard **** deep into Karen's hole.

As usual in fantasies....we all ****** at the same time. :) Get dressed and go our separate ways.
Hypnotia Hypnotia 51-55, M Oct 21, 2011

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