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I always wanted to have sex with many men either in the same night or at different times. I heard about Nicci Greene and her network parties through EP and I decided to join. I bought her book My Story confessions of a swinger and I follows the instructions on page 178. Then my fantasy came true. Shortly after meeting Nicci I was invited to a party called old v young. It was amazing. I met lots of young girls like me who all wanted no strings sex. We were all grouped together because we were all of a certain age. We all ******** to our underwear and were led into a room. In the room were men, more men than there were girls. Each man was at least forty years old and all wore suits. They looked distinguished and sexy but I guess without the suits thy just would have been old guys. We flirted and we talked and we drank until we began to pair off. I had sex that night with seven older men each enconter was different but each memorable. I loved that party and I loved that my fantasy came true. I can't wait until the next party called couples v singles.
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hot! wot dose it say on page 178??

Wow......lovely experience it must have been......i wish my wife also transformed like up and enjoy like you

That sounds awesome. Please add me, I would love to hear how that goes.

As a man in his forties.. Thank you so much for doing the older guys and then writing this. Xx

u will never get a boyfriend that really respects you <br />
only a nut would go out with u<br />
Not wifey material

Thank god for that!

Great story. I think I'll go suit shopping later.

i wanna go to a party like that too !

Why don't you?

very erotic story. i am an older gentlemen and most men my age know that younger women/girls are not attracted to mature men so your story was special. i am open minded and my g/f told me her fantasy of being with 2 guys. a situation happened one night that ended up with me sitting next to her and watched her suck 5 college guys. most erotic thing i ever saw. i like women who are honest in their desires and open to adventure. i have been with 4 girls at one time but it turns me on more to watch my g/f or a girl with several guys. i am not gay but have a fantasy of going down on my g/f after several guys ******* in her. weird, i guess but would like to be with a girl who would enjoy that too. hard to find a girl open minded though. i miss my former g/f in that respect.

"We all ******** to our underwear and were led into a room [...] Each man was at least forty years old and all wore suits" So it's true! Suits are mens lingerie ;)

This story could be huge, it is already so hot by context. I would love to hear more detail...and seeing the beautiful woman involved makes it even hotter.....

Great story and those parties sound like more erotic fun than the mind can handle. I wonder how I get on that list....

Get the book

What a great party idea. Didn't get my invite though.

Did u buy the book?

I love that book, any man who wants a younger girl should just buy her a copy