Domination, Humiliation And ****

A dirty text conversation we had while at work, although we havent done all these things exactly in this order written, we have done everything described. enjoy!

Flight- I want to force you to your knees and make you suck my **** while I tie your wrists to your waist. When i'm hard, walk behind you and push you over so you are balancing on your head and knees. And start ******* you hard in your tight *******. I pull out and order you to **** yourself. It takes a minute and I swat your *** for making me wait. When your flow becomes strong I reinsert my **** in your loose *** easily as you strain not to ****. I then outline my instructions"you are to suck my dirty **** clean then open your mouth. I'm going to **** into your dirty mouth and you are to swallow it all without spilling. You will receive a beating for each drop for being a ****** slave. "You moan in protest mixed with pleasure from your *** *******. Slowly I pump until you finish then lift you back to your knees placing my **** in your mouth for cleaning.

Ivy- i suck your hardon, cleaning every inch from tip to the base. waiting in anticipation for the next step. you stop my head, " open your mouth, remember not a drop" i eagarly open mouth, you slide your **** in. i close my mouth around you. you release your flow. i swallow frantically. just before my mouth it gets too full. you finish, one last gulp and my mouth is clear. leaning down to inspect my face... two streaks of **** down either side of my mouth. you shake your head in disappointment. forcing my head to the floor. you place a foot on my neck to hold my head and to show whos the slave. whip in hand two loud hard cracks across each *** check. i scream out. i shouldve let a drop fall out.

Flight- 5 smacks across each cheek. Tears run down your face. Finally I drag you back to your knees and push you against the wall, legs sprawled out in front of you. clean my ***, toilet" I demand turning around and backing onto your face. Your tongue probes out looking for the hole but as soon as it touches my cheek I push against it, forcing your face between my cheeks. You gingerly begin to tongue my hole when I swat one of your thighs. "i said clean it!" You whimper and begin to furiously lick and suck, even sliding a tongue in as deep as you can. You can' breathe and begin to sputter. Finally I release and you gasp for air. "ahh much better, all clean" you nod and I brush your cheek with my hand in approval. I bend down and your heart leaps in anticipation of a kiss but instead my hand finds your spread ***** sopping wet. " seems my little toilet is enjoying herself" I tug gently on your piercing, causing you to moan louder than I anticipated. I reward you with a drink, making sure to **** a little in it before releasing a hand and handing it to you.

Ivy- the tug sent a shiver through my whole body. my knees buckle. catching myself against the wall, i look into your eyes, i can see the dirty things you want to do to me... your hand around my neck you guide me back to the floor. "bend over" my face touches the cold cement. *** in the air, you slip a finger into my opened *******. the other finger in to my sopping wet *****. you push your **** into my ***, a few thrusts, then one hard thrust you stop. you decide its time for an enema... a **** emema administered by you.

Flight- You want to ask why I stopped but think better of it. You begin to feel pressure inside of you and you realize I'm filling you with warm ****. You can feel The stream as it gets stronger. Now incredibly full, **** begins to leak around my ****, running down your ***** and dripping off of your piercing onto the floor. You hear the drips, "pat, pat pat" and you reach down and rub your ****, **** now running down your arm. Without being told, you return your fingers to your mouth, savoring your masters taste. As my flow subsides I begin thrusting into your full *** and more **** leaks out. As my thrusts get faster and deeper you return your hand to your ****, beginning to enjoy the fullness. My balls tighten and I begin shooting ***, filling you more. Your pace quicken and you begin to *** with my final strokes. As my hardon subsides I order you to clench your *** and try not to spill any. I then order you to your feet and permit you to squat and release. My fluids shoot out of you Splashing on to the concrete soaking your legs and furiously stroke yourself into another ****** and collapse onto the floor, taking my limp **** in your mouth for cleaning.

Ivy- i just take in the tip, rolling my tongue over every inch of it. right around the base of the head. even though you came, you're sensitive. you shutter at the entire body tingles in giving you. slowly i take more and more of you in. sucking faster and slower, alternating rhythmically. you once limp **** begins to fill with blood. i feel you contract your muscles. your **** is now almost completely hard again. im sucking in a hard slow, long motion. you grab my hair forcing you hardon down my throat. your hard as a rock. you pull out to let me breath, but just for a second. another thrust to the back of my throat, you hold it there unti ive gagged three times. you pull out, smearing the makeup streak across my cheek.

Flight- I pull out, leaving just the tip. I fill with pride, seeing my *** and **** covered toilet expertly work the head of my veiny ****. You idly stroke your **** as you slide your tongue down my shaft and back to the tip, your hand brushing the puddle you are kneeling in. you become aroused, and I notice more fluids leak onto the floor. I order you to reach down and catch some. Cupping your hand you raise it up as I inspect the mixture. I tell you stroke me with it. The *** and **** lubricates my **** well and you thank me for the multiple enemas I gave you earlier to thoroughly clean. your insides when I tell you to return my dirty **** to your mouth. i pushing you to your back, fluid soaking your hair I spread your legs and finger *** out of your *******. "this is how you drink **** properly, *****"

Ivy- your face plants right on my ****, tongue stoking up and down. a little suck. moan. tongue now flicking me bar, shivers envelope my body. hard you push and suck my ****. i rithe under you. your hand reaches up to my mouth. i suck and twirl my tongue over your fingers as if it was your ****. you reach back down, slipping your moisened fingers into my gapping *****. your fingers inside me thrusting harder and faster. "right there!" through a moan. i squirt, all over your face. once more you thrust. i squirt more. you go at it again, this time i release my bladder. arching my back, all over you. your mouth is right over my **** hole drinking as much as you can. you hold some in your mouth meeting mine. **** now in my *****, kissing me letting the liquid fill my mouth. i swallow without hesitation. a deep kiss follows as you slam my ****. pulling your head back "that's how you drink ****, *****."

FlightandIvy FlightandIvy
May 5, 2012