Knowing Your Partner Inside Out.

I and my gf have been having a fantasy which we talk through sometimes when we are having sex. We are ironing out the rules to a sexy game. (It’s more erotic than it sounds, even if it does include the word ironing…yuck)

1) 5 couples are held in separate rooms around a large room which they will all enter together. The couples have been selected specifically and each couple will be the same physical shape as the others within reason (we’re not clones).

2) Couples are given a set of questions to answer before the game begins. The questions are based on what they are prepared to do sexually, ranging from the tame to the perverse. The answers are collated and whichever has the most votes between the 5 couples become acceptable in the game, meaning you could end up doing things you had hoped not to (let your mind wonder).
3) Once the answers have been given to the couples they have 10 minutes before the game begins to prepare. Lube and condoms have been provided in the holding rooms. There are also 2 ink stamps in each room, each with a separate number which each person must pick up and keep hold of for the whole game.
4) When the 10 minutes are up the lights go off and the door is opened to the main room and all the couples enter.
5) The object of the game is to identify your partner by stamping him/her during your time in the dark room. You are given 5 minutes when the game begins to familiarise yourself with the surroundings and the other people. Then a buzzer goes and you are allowed to begin using your stamp.
6) You must stamp 10 times and no more, any extra stamps get deducted from the stamps found on your partner.
7) You have 30 minutes to play with everyone and work out who your partner is. You can stroke, tease, squeeze, lick, finger, taste, **** or suck but you can’t talk or make a sound.
8) After 30 minutes the lights come back on and the stamps are counted with a point being awarded for each stamp you have placed on your partner.
9) The 4 people with the least correct stamps are taken to the four corners of the room and tied to a chair. The remaining people are allowed to finish what they started.
10) The free people may interact with the people tied to the chairs but that is their choice.

There are a few reasons I love this fantasy. I love the idea of having to be open to the sexual preferences of the masses and having to act as though you’re enjoying it during your time in the dark, lest you give yourself away. I love the challenge aspect also, making sure you aren’t left alone to watch your partner get all the fun when the dark part of the game is over. There is also the obvious aspect of sex with multiple partners.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on how the game could be improved or what parts you like or dislike.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

make sure its a small room or put some borders around the interacting area to make sure physical contact even if te person is kind of insecure about the whole thing

There would probably be at least four people in the group intentionally stamping the wrong partner just so that they could be the ones tied up.

this is true, but how would they know they're stamping the wrong people?...rascals :P