Tortured ****

I wake up feeling groggy and remember going to the bar the night before and hanging out drinking with the guys at the bar. I do not remember much about it or how I got home. As I am trying to figure this out and get my bearings I suddenly realize I can not move my arms and legs. I realize quickly that I am in some sort of stockaide, but this stockaidehas me on my hands and knees. Suddenly something goes deep in my *** and I hear someone say relax this is to let the first **** slide easier in that nice *** of yours and then the *** will take care of all the rest of them. The same voice says by the way we have a full house tonight and will be needing the service of both of your holes. Hours go by and I have lost track of the number of men who came in my mouth and *** and all I feel is the pain of being stretched by all those *****. The voice comes up behind me again and says rest now it will be a long day tomorrow and a bag goes over my face with a strange smell in it and I get this falling sensation and everything goes dark. I wake up in that strange stockaide again only something is differet this time. I feel weight pulling on my chest and there is a mirror in front of me and right in front of my eyes is the most georgeous set of D's I have ever seen, but they are attached to me. The voice says ohh dont worry now the boys will have more fun. I see a door open in the mirror and about twenty or so naked men walk into the room with just me. Days and months go by with changes being made to me all the time.  All my hair has been removed except for my head which is now long and curly.  Makeup was permanently tatooed to my face.  Manicured fingernails and toenails.  Even had butt implants.  Then one day I hear a womans voice.  It sounds like I know it, but everything I used to be is long gone by now and all I know is ***** go in my *** and mouth daily so many per day I loose count.  The easiest number to remember is the months at least a year of them with the same thing everyday nonstop.  That voice though where do I know it.  She says "Remember calling me a *****?  You did that once over a year ago and that was your bigges mistake.".  I am dazed still trying to place that voice.  She speaks again "Well guess what paid for all your changes?  It was aall those men I found to **** you for five dollars a pop!".  Then she steps in front of my mirror and horror comes to me as I realize it is my wife.
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WOW hot story, Would love that to happen to me