I Thought I Was Here For Business

Dave and Carla sat next to me at the bar. I was sipping at a beer watching whatever team it was on television. Dave had asked, "Are the Timberwolves winning?" "I think so," I responded...not really knowing or caring.

I didn't know Dave and Carla.  I had never met them before.  They had introduced themselves, making small talk.  It definitely took the boredom out of the evening.  I was in town for business, as were they.  We didn't know the town at all, or anyone in it.  I asked them if they wanted to join me for dinner, and they happily said, "That would be great."

The food was unremarkable.  Conversation was a struggle.  The room had become so noisy we had a hard time hearing each other.  But we were having a good time and I thought I was making a couple of friends.  Carla said, and didn't ask, "Let's take this up to our room.  It's too noisy in here, and I can hardly hear what is being said."  We all agreed.

I asked what room, as I wanted to go back to mine first.  Dave said, "Were in room 420."  "No Sh!t?!" I replied.  I chuckled out, "I'm right next door. That is too funny."  Dave said, "Cool.   Let's fly this Popsicle stand."

Just as the elevator door closed, Carla said "this is going to be fun."  Looking at me, "This is going to be more fun than you realize."  I was intrigued...and excited by the notion.  "I'm not sure what you mean, but I like how you said it," I replied.  We chit chatted some innuendo back and forth when the fourth floor arrived.  We walked to our respective rooms.

Wouldn't you just know it.  The two rooms are connecting.  How conveeenient.  Moments after I finished washing up and personal stuff, there was noise at the connecting door.  Their side being unlocked and unlatched.  A knock.  I smiled and opened the door.  Carla said, "Come on over.  What is taking you so long?!"  

I grabbed my beer and entered their room.  Amazing.  It is identical to mine, only reversed.  Dave walked behind me, closed the door, and said, "I get the feeling you haven't been with another guy before.  I want to be your first if you haven't.  Carla wants you to be, also.  This has been such a great evening so far, and we want us all to keep going."

He was right.  I hadn't.  But I was so excited.  All evening there had been some blood pressure down below, and now there is a little more.  "Oh boy.  I haven't been with a guy before.  I've thought about it, but never had the nerve.  I could never bring myself to approach anyone."

Carla had taken her blouse off.  Carla was very cute, short.  She was not a model, but she rocked a bra.  She took my hand and said, "Here Sweetie.  Come over here."  She walked me over the kitchenette counter, placed my hand so it, and said to me..."You are under arrest.  Put your hands one the counter and don't move them.  You are not allowed to move."

Dave walked behind me.  He took off his shirt, and then his pants.  He stepped behind me, touched his hips against my a$$, and wrapped an arm around my stomach.  As he lightly humped at my butt, his other hand caressed my side, my hip, my thigh.  His hand went up the inside of my thigh to meet my **** and gave it a squeeze.  I moaned out something.  What was a little blood pressure became extreme pleasure and need to find room in my pants.  He held tight against me and continued his humping and stroking of my body.  

Carla said, "He's looking hot."  That was cue.  Dave lifted my shirt off, then reached for the belt of my pants.  Some fumbling, and fidgeting, and my belt was opened, my pants were undone, and the zipper was down.  One hand went inside, the other started forcing my pants down my thighs.  He continue the humping, and I could feel his hard **** against my a$$.  

Carla said, "I think he's liking this.  I think he's wants more."  Another cue.  Dave turned me around.  He lowered himself to the ground, lowered by shorts, and had me step out of them.  "Keep your hands on the counter."  I had to.  My knees were so weak.  I looked over at Carla.  She was taking off her slacks.  She rocked the panties, as well.  But attention was suddenly drawn back to Dave, as he slowly inhaled my stiffening member into his mouth.  Another moan came out, as it was so intense.  He would blow it out, then inhale it in...deeper each time until his lips reached my balls.

I was getting into this.  The heat and cooling of going in and out was so awesome.  And then Carla said, "Dave, he's having all the fun."  Dave said, "He's new.  He's never done this before."  Carla responded, "Wait a sec."  Carla walked over to the beds.  She pulled the covers down off one, then grabbed all the pillows off the other.  She stacked a couple against the head board (who new head board would be so appropriately named) and stacked five others in the middle.  Carla removed her panties, then sat at the pillows facing out, her legs open.  She told me, "Sweetie.  You come over here and lay on the pillows.  I want your hips right here."

I laid down on the pillows as instructed.  My face right there at her *****.  I began licking at it, up and down and all around.  My lips went up and down the sides, over the top, then circled around sides.  As I was doing this, Dave had retrieved a bottle of oil from his bag, poured it on my shoulders and back, and began a very relaxing massage.  Really relaxing.  His thumbs and palms pressed into my muscles, helping my face to become buried between Carla's legs.

Oil was then drizzled down my thighs and calves.  The massage continued down my legs.  It was so good.  Dave's hands then went up the inside of my thighs, all the way to my ****.  Dave said, "I'm noticing that you have really relaxed.  Let me help you.  He reached in his bag, pulled out a **** ring, and worked it onto my reawakening member.  "There."  And awakening I was.  

Carla pulled herself away from me.  "Dave.  You sit here while I continue the rub."  Dave dutifully complied, removing his shorts and sitting in front of me.  His stiff **** was right in front of my face.  I had no choice, as he assisted my head lowering onto his shaft.  I licked at his bulb, and sweet spot.  I ran my mouth up and down the sides.  And then, I inhaled him like he inhaled me.  Little by little, he went deeper with each suck.  He was moaning with excitement.  It was more than he anticipated.

I felt oil running over my butt and down the crack.  Carla started her massage. It was way more intimate than Dave's, as her hands worked up and down my my crack.  Her thumb started pressing into my ***.  She stretched her other fingers deep underneath my balls and began working things in and out, back and forth.  She pulled at my hole, stretching it.  She said to Dave, "He's ready."

Dave waved his hands back and forth, saying "No."  He began bucking against my face, forcing my head up and down against him.  His back arched, his head pulled back, and exploded into my mouth and down my throat.  Three, four, five huge spasms rippled down the length of him.  He gasped for breath.  "Oh f*** that felt good."

As Dave collected himself, Carla rolled me over to the other side of the bed.  She put her shins over my shoulder to hold me down against the bed, then lowered herself to my mouth, and lowered her mouth to my ****.  She was perfectly sized for 69.  And she worked me, with that ring on, to a hardness that was almost painful.

Carla looked over at Dave and said, "He's ready!"  Dave got some oil and applied it to his *** cheeks and my member.  Carla turned around, now facing me, her legs pinning me down.  Her ***** was right there at my face.  She looked down at me and said, "You are going to feel some pressure", which I started feeling as she was saying it.  

I could feel my bulb press against Dave's ***, then slip in.  Pressure continued to be applied in little up and down motions, little more down than up.  I sank deeper and deeper.  I could now feel him against my balls.  He worked himself up and down, ****ing at my ****.  Carla got off of me and retreated to the other bed.

Dave was hard again.  He was enjoying this as much as I.  Hard to believe.  He began humping at me harder and harder.  Just when I thought I could not last any longer I heard Carla moan out.  She was two fingers deep, humping on her hand like mad.  She arched and writhed and moaned for a good twenty seconds.  And as she started collecting her breath, Dave was hammering at his own ****.  He leaned forward, pressed his lips against mine, and drove his tongue deep into my mouth.  I could feel his hot spurts shooting  up my chest and to my chin.  

That was all I could handle.  I grabbed his hips, thrust hard against him, and blew my load.  It was difficult with that ring on.  I took a good ten seconds, with eight or more tough spasms.  But it all oozed out.  And I was exhausted.  And a smile embedded on my face.  It felt great, breathing in again.

We all cleaned up in the shower together.  Cooling down in a warm shower was excellent.  I retreated back to my room and fell fast asleep.

To be continued....
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Aug 22, 2012