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Motorcycles, Mountains, And You

We are well prepared for a lengthy all day motorcycle ride in the mountains. We have packed food, drinks, and camping gear onto the V-Twin. The weather is nearly perfect as we head west, it's sunny and warm with a light breeze blowing. We're both wearing jeans and tank tops along with our riding boots, we look every bit the bikers and lovers that we were meant to be. This is actually our first motorcycle trip together, our first time together physically for that matter. We'd e-mailed and sent each other messages for months preparing for this trip, we have grown to know each other's fantasies and desires over time and both know the difference between love and raw animal magnetism. This trip is the latter. You look simply stunning in your blue jeans and white tank top, and I can't help but put my hand on your thigh as we ride up into the foothills. You have managed to keep me hard for miles by playfully pinching my nipples and rubbing my crotch as we ride down the road. We don't care if there are car or truck drivers who see what we're doing, who cares, we're enjoying ourselves to the max. Let them be jealous! Your constant rubbing has created a wet spot on my jeans as I leak pre-***, thank goodness they are a very dark shade of blue and nobody will notice when we stop for fuel. We continue up into the mountains and you maintain your teasing, as we both know where this is leading and how much we both want what's coming. I’m pretty sure that the vibrations from the powerful V-Twin motor are hitting you just right, or at least I’m hoping…Up into the mountains the traffic has all but thinned out completely so we pull over at a scenic pull-over spot for a break. The view is breathtaking and so are you. Nobody is around anywhere, it's safe so you ***** down out of your pants and panties and sit back on a smooth rock where I kneel before you and move in between your parted thighs, my hunger quite apparent. I spend the next 30 minutes using my mouth and tongue on your wet and sweet tasting *****, I bring you to several ******* and I am rock hard the entire time. My balls continue to fill and pre-*** continues to ooze out of my cockhead and into my underwear, it's all part of our master plan....
Back on the highway you keep me hard and wanting. We stop another time and repeat our previous pit stop, only this time it's more like an hour before we get back on the road and head for a campground where we set up our tent. We build a small fire and enjoy a couple of drinks by fire-light and have some snacks while snuggling by the campfire. We are not completely alone, there are other campers near, in fact we got ice and some food from the nearest couple who look to be mid twenties and are alone having their own one on one time together. The weather is just perfect for camping, still warm but not hot. In fact, sitting by the fire it’s warm enough to remove your shirt and everything else that you have on, we have a towel spread out on the picnic table where I sit you so that I can dive in between your legs yet again and eat you to another couple of ******* before shedding the rest of my clothes. I am rock hard and dripping pre-*** in the fire light. You scoot up on the table and grab my **** with your hand and playfully rub the head on your wet hard **** before positioning it into your velvet opening. I slide in slowly and just revel in the warm, wet, silky feel of you. Then I slowly start moving in and out but not too fast as you have had me on edge most of the day already, but then again wasn’t that our plan… to build a huge load of *** in my balls. Some men are blessed with the ability to throw a baseball 95 mph, some to jump 5 feet in the air, I was blessed with the ability to ********* extremely strongly, very large amounts for a big distance. But you already know this and that was the whole point of keeping me on edge all day, to maximize my impending ******/***********. I let you know that I am ready and ask you where and how you’d like it…..?
frnkdracman frnkdracman 46-50, M 2 Responses Aug 28, 2012

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Wow! I'm so jealous! I'd love a motorcycle adventure like that. Before I met my current bf, I was hoping I'd find a cyclist to get to know, but couldn't make that happen. He tells me that he'd like to own one, one day, so I'm hoping we can bring my fantasy to life. Great story. I could imagine everything.

Thanks. There's nothing quite like the freedom of riding out in the wide open spaces of America and having a hot babe to share that with is even better! Good luck and when you get your bike be careful! Seems like anything that is really fun can also be really dangerous...

I've been waiting for this all day, and now that we've reached our camping spot and settled in I'm so ready.<br />
ooohhhh mmmmm deep, deep inside me please!

I was hoping that you'd say that! 7 or 8 strong, high volume, high velocity shots deep inside filling you with my liquid pearl..... mmmmmmm so nice....

We need to be careful the scent of us doesn't attract any critters, but I'm willing to take that risk .... over and over again, and all weekend.

that sounds great, and it will be over and over again, but never rushed! And the vibrations from the big V-twin motor will be there the entire ride to remind us of what we've done and what's to ***.... the scent of our juices might attract critters, maybe two legged ones who are curious to all the commotion and passion...