I Would Like To Have One Night With Thosetearsofjoy

She is so passionate in everything she writes. Her stories pull you into a life of sweet desire. To experience a woman who can express such feelings into a single story is nothing less than pure heaven. Every single thing she writes pulls you in deeper and you can put yourself right into it and feel the emotions. She is a pleasurer, one who I know could take you anywhere you could imagine. To look into her beautiful eyes, to taste those lips, and feel that body close to mine just one night. That my friends would be a dream come true. One I would give anything to experience if only just once.....
Discretelovr4you Discretelovr4you
36-40, M
2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

Yeah Mike, you and everyone else....I think you need to get in line..haha! If I was into woman...she would be MY idea of fun......

OMG!! I cannot believe you! LOL!! It is so nice to see that someone cares that much for me. I write from my heart. I love big and yeah....it gets me screwed sometimes (not the way I would like...lol). Thanks you for validating me as a person. I am so gratful to be loved!