The Library

"Who still goes here?" is all I can think to myself as I walk in the door. The sound of silence greets me, and I realize not many people still do. A glance around, a flashback to grade school, and off down the aisles to try to find what I'm looking for. Not here. Wrong Aisle. How does this system work again. Oh yeah. I should just ask someone. Where am I now?

I'm on the second floor, in the back corner. I realize I've only passed a person or two since coming up here...amazing this place is still open. I finally find what I'm looking for, or at least the section. I never even knew your where there, until you gently cleared your throat. I spin around, startled someone is actually there...and we lock eyes. You give me that half smile, the one you have when your trying to hide it...right side of your mouth curling up, eyebrows arching slightly. I didn't know you were here, but I'm so glad I came now. You break our gaze and focus down on the books and paper you have in front of you. I continue to stare, mesmerized by your beauty and the shock of seeing it so unexpectedly. Your hair falls in front of your face, but I can see you glancing up at me....checking to see if I'm still looking at you.

I grab the book and head to the table your sitting at. I move past the other 10 or so chairs...right to the one beside you, and ask if I can sit. I'm not being loud, but you 'shhhhh' me anyway. You don't say no...and I can see that smile on your face again. As I sit I finally take a good look at you, while you smirkingly try to hide your face from my gaze. White shirt, small accents of green? dark grey skirt. But your shoes.....they're the give away. Turquoise. That's the accents in your shirt....and I know you always match. So I know what color is under your outfit now.....and I'm picturing it.

I ask what your reading. 'War and Peace' you say...'Looks like Harry Potter to me'...You give me a 'glare', but as I smile... so do you. I slide around the edge of the table, up beside you. 'Which book is this?' I slide one arm around you, leaning in close. Your shoulder pressed against my chest. You lock eyes with me, I see you bite you lip and look away....I lean in, and kiss your ear.

I hear the sigh escape you lips, your head lulls to the side. I move down slightly and gently bite your neck, pulling you closer as I do. Me free hand slides off the table and onto your crossed legs. I move closer, sliding more behind you, feeling the slight shivers from my breath on your neck between bites. My arm pulls you back into me, as my hand slowly moves up your thigh. As I reach the hem of your skirt, your legs fall open...and a moan escapes your lips. I 'shhhh' you into your ear as I slide my hand between your legs.

My hand reaches the apex of your legs, I can feel how ready you are. I only have to move my hand slightly, putting slight pressure on you that another moan escapes your lips. A little louder, and longer this time. My arm moves down and around your waist, I pull you tight..and my other had presses against you hard. I lift you up and push your seat out from underneath you. Standing now, I'm pressed up behind you. My hand lifts from you waist, sliding under your shirt and up to your breasts.

I feel you hand come up turning my face from your neck up to you mouth...our lips pressed tightly together, battling and jousting. Your other hand meets mine between your legs, guiding me...showing me where want it, where you need me to go. My right hand slips under your bra, feeling your hard nipple...rolling in around. My left, with your guidance, slide you panties aside...rubbing up and down your opening, settling on your ****. It takes only a few seconds, before you break our kiss and moan louder this time....a slight echo of it in the emptiness of the building. Sliding my left hand faster, rubbing your **** harder, you buckle slightly. Your hands going forward onto the table.

I hike your skirt up to your waist...positioning myself behind you. As I unbuckle my pants, I pull your panties over further. You lean over the table, breast resting on it...pushing the books out of the way. The thud loudly in the silence, echoing all around. I would have said something, but about the time the books fall I push a finger into you...and the load moan that fallows drowns out the thudding of the books.

I position myself behind you, just brushing against you as I line your hips up. My head slides along your opening, grazing your ****. Once positioned, it's one slow, steady push...all the way until I'm fully inside. I feel your back arch, hips raise and pushing back wanting every bit inside. Your moan this time is shaky, breathy, and low but long. In the distance I can hear voices for the first time, as our activities have apparently not gone unnoticed.

I pull all the way back out, tip barely still inside, before pushing back in again....this time a little faster. Each thrust the same, but building slightly each time in speed and momentum. It only takes a few strokes before your arching and pushing back to meet me. My hands previously on your hips, now slide up your body. One hand grabbing your shoulder near your neck, the other under and round to feel your breasts..... I hear voices again, on the stairs? How far are they?

Our speed builds....more and more. Faster and harder, you can hear the sound of skin slapping together. I can hear your moans getting say my grip tightens on you, pulling you back hard against me. The voices are getting louder, they can definitely hear us....but it's far to late now. Your legs weaken and thighs start to tighten together. I slow to hard, steady thrusts...each on getting you closer and closer. ***. Hard. I was expecting you to quite yet, but the way you tighten around sets me over the edge. Two more hard thrust and I'm there....******* deep in side you, pushing every bit of me into you. As my body tightens up, and can feel yours do the same. The feeling of me letting loose inside you setting you off again.

They round the shelves to our position what seems like a second later...but find us on either side of the table picking up books. There is no point in hiding's so obvious. Our clothes disheveled, you hair wild, the scent of sex in the air..... they stare blankly at us as we drop the books on the table, look at each other, and quickly walk past them....down the aisles to the stairs. At the top I grab you, pull you close and kiss you hard and deep. We gaze at each other for a second before we smile, giggle and head for the exit.
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Well written story, nice one.

Thank you :)

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