Wanting To Have A Fling

So I met this young guy a week before Thanksgiving. I love hiking and I needed a male hiking partner to do 18 miles. I found my match to keep up with me. Along the hike we had a great time sharing a few experiences. Very easy going guy, I was completely comfortable with him was honest and open to tell him that I have a boyfriend. But I did tell him that I wanted to have a fling as well. Sad to hear from him that he doesn't get involve with girls that are in a relationship. I've been having crazy dreams and fantasies of wanting to be with him...ugh...just thinking about it makes my ***** vibrates.
yaoska13 yaoska13
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Where I hike, I'd be too tired after 18 miles to have a fling...but a fellow naked hiker would be nice!

@krieg69 I didn't mean to have the fling the day of the hike. I've been inviting him to events, parties, etc., night events so we can have the fling

Ah, that makes more sense...too bad he doesn't have a military view on relationships...if you're not married, you're single...