Pickup Of A Lady I Don't Know

well it would start with a casual meeting somewhere. we do not know each other, but we make eye contact and there is no discounting the sexual tension between us. We start off simple enough a little flirt with our eyes and then some simple body gestures. then we just slip out of the mall with no words and we head to my car. I open the door for you and you get in and casually flash your nice silky blue panties to me as your skirt rides up. I walk around and get in and by the time I sit in the car you have already unbuttoned your blouse by a couple buttons and I can see that amazing small ******* encased in the matching silky blue bra. we just start kissing passionately  We break and I drive to my house and on the way ther we start talking of what we like. you amaze me of how open you are on what you like and you are slowly rubbing my leg and come close to my **** several times but never touch it. We get to the house and the first thing you do is beg me to suck yout nipples which I am all to happy to do. I do not even bother to take the bra off at first I just start sucking them right through the thin silky material. 

this is a start and I will write more in another story
jolenexjo jolenexjo
36-40, M
Jan 8, 2013