My Wildest Sexual Fantasy By Mrs. Rawhidekid Pt. 1

As hubby and I seek new ways to explore our wild side, my fantasies seem to be getting more and more toward the dark side. As I lose more control others seem to taking charge of it, and It turns me on. For the last few day I've been having these wild wet dreams about a large well defined black man who tricks his way in my home only a few hours after my hubby has left on an out of town trip. Knocking on our door this polite and well mannered black man in his mid 30's ask to borrow a phone as his has lost it's charge. His nice manner and sexy look throws me off as I ask him to wait at the door to get my phone. When I return I'm surprised to find him inside the door way smiling at me as he tells me he wont be needing the phone.As a chill runs thur me, he tells me to not be afraid he just wants my cash and what jewelry is in the bedroom. I am quick to hand him my purse as he is following me toward the bedroom. I can feel his eyes on me as we enter the room and he tells me to sit my pretty little *** on the bed. I sit down trying to be sure my silk robe stays shut to hide the teddy and panties which is all i have on underneath. He empties my jewelry box into a bag and looking around, begins going thur drawers top to bottom chesterdrawers first then my dresser. He pause's at my underware drawer holding one of my outfits and tells me what a hot little ***** I am. As he continue's on, I can't help but wonder if he is going to turn red or not. I just wish he would take what he wants an go.As he empties the last drawer and looks towards me, I feel the need to tell him to please not hurt me. A laugh escapes his lips as he turn toward the nightstands. As he opens the nightstand drawer my face turns beet red as I know what the drawer contains. I can here the smirk in his voice as he holds my vibrator and thick 8" ***** in his hands. He then tells me what a hot horny ***** I must be. He then throws my toys on the bed an says I bet you an your ***** can put on one big show with these, can't you?
MrMrsadventure MrMrsadventure
Jan 12, 2013