I Want To Observe Widl Sex Orgies

I spend a lot of time looking at **** on the net. It is a big waste of my time! I get nothing done until noon on most days because of it!


What I really want is just to observe others having sex. In private, in groups, just sex. I don't want to participate, just observe. This thought permeates most others on a regular basis.


Am I perverted, going into very dangerous areas, or is this a reasonable dream/fantasy?

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56-60, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

I don't think its dangerous at all - very reasonable...and most people who frequent these groups will probably tell you the same...the danger is letting it take over your life and/or not communicating with a partner if you have one about these fantasies...you may not need to go the full distance with the communication - but talking with them about it will release some pent up frustration which can also be dangerous...