My Sister And I Have Wilson's Disease

I was diagnosed when I was 14 and ten years later can hardly walk, my sibling is also sick as well. My doctor believes that copper has damaged my muscles and joints which is why it's so painful. I had a liver biopsy and was in the hospital when I was younger doing all the tests in Ann Arbor Michigan, and was officially diagnosed by Dr. Brewer, Dr. Schilsky, Dr. Gonzalez Peralta (sp). They're pretty good doctors, and now I am on Syprine and I am going to look into Gluzin for I have heard it is more delicate on the stomach than zinc chelate.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Hi. Sorry to hear about your pain. Are you and your sister only siblings in your family? I also saw Dr Brewer along with my brother who was diagnosed at the age of 26. I went because my copper was high but liver biopsy didn't show build up. My brother tried an experimental medicine back in 1996. I know they have come along way since then. I'm curious about your sibling was her copper high?

Both of us have had high copper. Still do, been 10 years. Since this post it's come to light that some of my other pain is neuropathy: on one side of the body, unrelated to the Wilsons or Diabetes (which I don't have most people just think neuropathy is from diabetes) etc. There's so many different mutations each one presents itself differently, like sibling & I have hifh copper but no keyser Fleischer rings.