My Son's Tears

Last couple times I had my 7 y/o son for visitation at the end he was crying.  You know how hard it is to wipe his tears away and hold your own inside so that he can be stronger and braver?  It is SO HARD!  But I know that if I started to cry then it would make him feel worse.  I love my son with all my heart and I waited till he was in his car seat and I buckled him in.  I kissed his tears away and smiled and told him that I loved him more then the earth and the sky.  Kissed and hugged him some more and shut the door and waved good bye, smiling till the car was out of sight then it was my turn to cry.
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11 Responses Nov 12, 2010

why men can cry too we should all cry with the pain i do it all the time when i think of my wife that gave her life in viet nam and the loss to me and the wasit of it for a goverment that could care less

Things are going better. I have alot more time with him now. I'm just glad the divorce is over.

Well dang it. I just said I was going to start acting more like a man and less like I wuss until I read your story. Made me get teary eyed like a wuss. I sure hope things get easier for you soon. Everything happens for a reason.

Yes it would be nice...I would love to just get on with my life, have my son back and put this all behind us.

You said so much with these few words. I am so hoping and praying for you that in a few days you will be able to start redressing the damage.

thx hopefully this well all be over soon....

what a position to be in .... saying good-bye under the very best circumstances is not easy, prayers for you

thx so much, thankfully the time is going quick now.

That is absolutely right!<br />
<br />
There is part of me that thinks it's probably a good thing that he sheds those tears. <br />
He's not trying to hide his true feelings. <br />
You are a good Mom.

Thank you, we will get through this and our love will not suffer.

And now it's my turn to cry.<br />
I can't imagine anything being harder, jcue.<br />
The love you share with your son will get you through this tough time.<br />
Believe that.