Doggy Miracle (short Story)

Since I was 7 I have a dog named "Lupin" and I want 1 more dog,We adopted 1 dog but we gave it away because our neighbors complaining it's noisy at night(it's just a pup he don't wants to be alone).I keep on wishing that I have a dog or puppy.then 2 years later....
I'm going to school when I saw a brown puppy staring at me it's sitting on a stone block then I get near to it.
I thought it's a statue but when the dog wags his tail.I was surprised it's a real dog! I feed him rice and it's stays with us.I was so happy! and then I named him Brownie.Today,Brownie has a bunch pupsters now and her wife is Dover(it's not a boy it's a girl and IDK why did they named it to a boy name even though it's a girl)
Lovergames10789 Lovergames10789
13-15, M
Dec 5, 2012