Not In a Bit........

~ Usually it's because of a night terror or a flashback that I have had. They are uncomfortable & usually takes me a couple of hours to calm myself down enough that I can go back to sleep again. It wasn't as hard when Shane & I were good, because he'd usually be the one to wake me, & he'd rub my back til I felt better. The last couple of years though - he stopped waking up, or if he did he'd roll over & go back to sleep. I got use to dealing with them on my own again. It takes longer & I'm usually exhausted for the next few days after one, but there isn't much I can do about them. I've learned to live with them & just deal. Although, I do hate how jumpy I become for a few days after. They suck, but maybe I'll find some guy who'll rub my back & hold me when I have a nightmare........That would be nice to have, I think. ~

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Mar 15, 2009