I Was Where I Belong

I my dream I was running through my spirit packs territory, my golden brown fur glistening in the spring sun, with a cool breeze blowing through it. Feeling my paws on the damp dew covered grass, having the time of our lives, after wrestling in the grass, we hunted a caribou and ate it, then the dream ended. It was short but one the best I've ever had
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Im in my dreams im usually a lone wolf travelling around a city looking for others like me though without sucess. Its usually like my life and it continues on kinda like i had 2 separate lives. The actual and the wolf one. They correlate. For example: when i met my best friend in actual life i met him in the wolf life. Whats cool is that i actually dream a whole day as the wolf. Its not like moments. Its actual days. The days i got my scars in actual life i got them in the wolf life. But they basicly resume to me trying to find the place where i belong. My pack. My "paradise". My future.

I know i always long for the moment i go to sleep cuz then i can be myself. And its a wonderful feeling bcz i actually feel like im awake.

No though sometimes my instincts go wild. For example when a friend of mine gets attacked. Maybe in my dreams but i cant control it though

Yeah ill try that . I guess i may have had some times my limbs have some kind of spasms and my whole body starts to ache. And i feel phantom limbs so that sometimes i felt someone siting or stepping into a tail that isnt there

Or when someone pet my head in a certain way it feels like my ears are being pushed down

Ive always experienced those phantom limbs thats why im usually in my den. My bedroom. And thats exactly why i hate pets in the head and sitting in a couch full of people. Actually i dont have to worry about telling things since its my nature to keep to myself. Though i would like someone to share these experiences with. And thats exactly why i havent dated anyone yet. Also bcz were quite rare and i cant feel, smell or sense anyone like me in my territory.

My tail has been aching a lot lately and it sucks.

I actually start growling if someone pets me and that stops it though they get a bit like wtf? The only people i let me pet know where to scratch. If its still not enough i bare my fangs as a last warning. Babies have a weird atraction to me. Like they wanna grab me or something

Ahhhh stretching feels good. If they dont get the message just claw them . I usually bite the hand. They never pet me again thats for sure. I sometimes find babies annoying cuz they always pull my fur. And i sometimes push them over accidentaly

They seem to want to mount me so that when they usually fall off

Yeah i know but still i dont really enjoy being riden. I hate having wheight in my back.

I wonder if babies can see our true selves...

No i didnt mean that i meant that i dont like the feeling of having stuff in my back. Im actually strong i can hold my dad he weights about 100 kg

I usually feels like im being restrained and thats why i dont like it.

But then when you take the wheight i feel much better

I get back aches and exhaustion and if the wheight is too much and for a long period then yeah i feel that

Chewing something usually helps me

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The Wolf is a misunderstood creature! It's a needed one as sharks are. They were reintroduced in Yellowstone ! I'm happy to report that the wolf us thriving ! Aaooouuuu!

Hmmmm. I must have a talk with my sister. Nice to meet you! I'm Goldpaw.

^^ It felt real too. Yes,hence where I get my name.

Yeah ^^

My nickname is really "Wolfie." I train unruly dogs...

Maybe that was it.. we all were as one?

We have the same dream! Difference is I'm a pack leader & I see the others running behind me. We are about to bring down a big old deer! How strange!