My Beautiful Son Josh

When i was nineteen in 2001; i was shocked but happy to find out i was pregnant and soon discovered i was having a little boy whos name would definately be Josh . He was born on the first of november that year weighing a very healthy 8lb 6 oz, i was delighted he was beautiful. But two days later i was taken back into hospital and josh came with me during a routine check they discovered that his heart rate was near 300 beats a min he was whisked away to scbu leaving me terrified . he was there for three days before a diagnoses was made i was scared and so was my whole family we thought we would lose him .But he was a fighter and was put on beta blockers to control his Wollf Parkinson White Syndrome. Even though when we were sent home i was petrified there were at least dozen times in the first few years of his life where he was admitted to hospital;the long nights where i stayed awake by his bedside and monitored his heart what seemed like always i was just so scared.
But i am pleased to say he is a very handsome grown up eleven year old he still has his palpatations an dizzy spells which are being monitored and he is possibly going to have an operation next year to rectify things .He has always been very concious of the fact that sometimes he has to slow things down and he calls himself different i call him special i am very proud of him and always will be.
To anyone with this condition or living with a family member who does talk to people about yours worries and concerns and everything will be fine,when i was first faced with this there was no information ,no help on how to deal with this condition thankfully there is nw.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Hi! I found this website having looked into parents with babies who have wolff parkinson white, my little boy Leo is 2 weeks old tomorrow and after having surgery to fix his narrow aorta at 5 days they discovered he had wpw after going into cardiac arrest during the operation and noticing his heart rhythm. We've had it diagnosed and the doctors are currently trying to find the right medicine to control his svts, so far it's not having a great effect. I feel so frustrated and so scared to take him home, but also so desperate to take him home as he hasn't been out of hospital yet! I felt reassured by your story and would love to know if you ever felt like I do now, I feel like I'm the only person in the world, despite having great support from my family I find it hard as they don't fully understand how it feels to have a baby with this condition! On the other hand I feel lucky it was noticed whilst we were in hospital! I notice you wrote this a long time ago but hopefully you still receive this message :) Amy