Other Symptoms?

I was told I have Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome about a year ago. I was referred to an electrophysiologist for a few different symptoms.
I'm not sure when I started having episodes, I never quite knew what they were. When I'd tell my pcp about them he'd just say it must be anxiety. Of course it never happened in his office. Once I had an episode in Walmart so I went and sat in one of those blood pressure chairs and my heart rate was 180! I have maybe a few episodes a year at most and they only last minutes. Th longest lasted about 20-30 minutes and lately they're coming more frequently. I've had 2 in 10 days.
My episodes generally start when I lean over as if picking something up. I feel my heart "catch" then it starts fluttering so fast it's hard to count the beats. It causes me to cough for some reason and breathing feels awkward. It's not a painful experience but definitely uncomfortable. Yesterday I actually felt it right itself for the first time. Always before it would just slowly go back to normal I thought, but yesterday I was feeling my pulse flutter and all of a sudden it clicked back to normal beats. I'll usually have a tight feeling headache after an episode but no other obvious symptoms.
I'm curious if this disorder causes other symptoms in day-to-day life when not having an episode. I've read a few stories on here of exercise in-toleration, is that linked? I get very frequent headaches as well, is that common with WPW?
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Yes, weakness, headaches, sometimes vertigo, moody blood pressure. Eating right is super important, and knowing yourself and your triggers (they can be really small things, like blowing up a balloon).