I Have Just Been Told I Have Wpw

My wife and I went into the ER because I wasnt feeling good, had a chest pain and my heart rate was at about 220.  The doctors told me I have WPW Syndrome, and now she is scared that she will lose another husband after having lost one.  And I have no clue what this syndrome is.  Is there anyone who can help me understand what I have, and what I can do to fix it

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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

Yes I would be glad to help if you still want it. Usually you are born with WPW, you just may not know it till you hit your 30's or so. Basically you have an extra nerve or nerves in your heart that conduct electricity which messes up your rythem and can get stuck in a loop which results in the rapid heart beat or skipped beats or both. I recently had the surgery to correct mine and I feel great, I still have skipped beats if my minerals get low but all my stamina is back. The Dr. told me mine was so bad it could have killed me. Read my story I am Mystc1111. If you have any questions you can email me, I am also a natural healer and herbalist. teripage.lmt@gmail.com. Good luck.