Hate The Word Love

think the first word that come to mind is the word love it is so miss used in this day and age many use it just to get in others pants i think most of the time

i will not use the word at all as the first to people i loved were killed very young so i just decide to never use the word i hate to lose people i felt that way about

but were just into the 19 th years the one i had been with from 11 years old and we married at age 13 so that lost hit me very hard

the secind was just 18 when we were washung clothes one friday night and she ask me if i would buy her an ice cream cone and i said sure
later we just looked each other in the eys as i reach down and picked her up and sat her in the washer as we held each other and kissed tillit was like her body exploded

then i lifted her and carried her in to the rest toom and got her dry clothing fron her stack and brought them to her then we did things you reallty should not do in a laurdermate with a bathroom door that did not lock
with in a few weeks she was living with me in my home and back in school andher parents were very happy she was kidnapped and killed by her ex
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
May 6, 2012