I Wore A Saree

In my age 17 , my cousin's(girl) school their was a welcome for a chief guest,20 senior girls wearing beutiful saree are welcoming the guest. My cousin was also in this 20 girls , But unfortunately a girl in this 20 girl is absent bcz of her fathers accident. Teachers told 19 girls that we need agirl immidetly, but their was no girl to attending the pgm. My cousin told me that to wear saree its urgent, but i firstly neglected that and at last i forced to wear saree. So we go to the girls hostel and i removd all my male dress and she gaves me bra, blouse ,petticoat to wear, Then she wrap my saree and give matching ornaments to wear..her friend buy a beutiful sandals for me..that sandal give more feminine look in me ,then she and her friend pluck my eyebrows and put a beutiful step cut hair wig in head.i was realy enjoy that time becaure im now fully agirl ,only my cousin and her friend knows that im boy....after this my cousin told to me that 'you r really a girl'...
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lucky u

wow thats lucky you

very nice!

yes, you are happy now

my new dream gurl

hi, sister,<br />
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the same is continued after marriage also.i told my liking of ladies dress and she also dressing me in saree. now also at night we both are wearing nighty and sleeping together. my mother in law also support my cd and we three ladies sleeping together on one bed i am in between two ladies wearing nighty

nice,<br />
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sister nice story .<br />
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same thing happend with me when i was in collge at the age of 18 years i used to stayat my mamis place. since my house was far away from college.<br />
mami was staying alone in house mama was out of station for job.one day we were seeing movie in that hero was wearing saree . we both were laughfing seeing that scene.<br />
night mami called me in bedroom and ask wheher you also want to be girl like that hero, i said yes she immidiately gave her bra, peticoat and nighty to wear and she poney tail my hair and put some jasmin flowers. then gave me ear ring ,banglles payal wear then shown me in mirror i was looking nice girl in that attire. then we both slept in nighty and my cd started from that time<br />
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then next day was sunday mami told me in the morning that she will drap me saree and i said yes , that day i was wearing saree full day .<br />
i was looking like a real girl from that day mami told me to wear male clothes only for college and after coming from collage i should wear saree and dresses of her all<br />
the time and also told me to grow my hairs like girl.<br />
<br />
so i also enjoyed statying at mami's place wearing gilry cloth all the time<br />
and when there was annual function in college. i uesed to wear saree for that function and enjoyed cd with other girls without knowing that i was boy wearing saree

wish I was in your place...