As Peak Time

I worked as a Christmas peak time worker at Walmart for several years.  I worked mostly in the jewelry department.  It was a great way to earn extra money for Christmas but it was also a very stressful job.  I hope that I never have to work there again.

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8 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Sounds like fun.

I like to take Disco there and just walk around he sticks his head out and hisses at people when they get to close to me last time I was there someone remembered me and ran up yelling hey crazy snake lady can I see him or will he bite me

I like it okay.

LOL it is all about the money.

Yea, I have a few friends who do or have worked at wal-mart

I know, when i'm in store now, i always fold the shirt after I look at it. And I always pout stuff back where they belong, I can't put it down anywhere, even if I forget where i found it I wander around the store trying to find its place/.

Me too! I also worked in retail while i was in college and I find myself turning the hangers all the same direction and picking thing up off the floor. The general public has no idea what retail personnel go through unless they have worked in it.

Retail is hard work, something you don;t realize how hard until you do it. I am soo polite when I go into stores b/c I know the stupid stuff workers have to pout up with from unreasonable customers.