In Less Than 90 Seconds !

    I worked for an independent McDonalds. Mr. Brown was the manager. He would come in & time us & the customer better of had his/her order in less than 90 seconds. The McDonalds had to be clean also. We did NOT have a childs play ground outside. Those days are GONE. I am in another state & have a college degree now. If I walk into a McDonalds, I usually walk OUT. If you DO NOT address me in 3 minutes I leave. I don't wait in line to pay for anything! My money is the same no matter what the name of the place. On my way home I pass 6 fast food places & only the SHEIK will find my money in their register. I also eat very little fast food, but the name is FAST FOOD !

moonwalker moonwalker
46-50, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2009

*awkward silence, then slow clapping*