And To Deal With All These Stupid Customers, They Should Be Paying More!

You can tell who's been in customer service too long: they go into autopilot. Their facial expressions, their voice, all automatic. And here's the #1 hint: when customers spew venom, their faces stay blank. They've seen all this crap before. Day in, day out. 

It's very hard to work in customer service. Not the job itself, but kissing up to customers, especially when they yell at you, like you're the company that's giving them problems. I've been in situations, where I really wanted to give the customer a piece of my mind. But I had to remember that I needed the money, so I had to stifle myself.

For all this daily bunking over, being someone's...servant.....they should be paying more. It's a sad thing.
RitaRee RitaRee
22-25, F
2 Responses Oct 16, 2011

I could not agree more! It's a role that's often underpaid and under appreciated by society .. and yet the skills you have to demonstrate in CS are so varied! .. Not finding and killing customers being one .. or is that just me? People seem to forget whilst shouting abuse at you, that you have their contact details and address .. ha!

ya i just quit my customer service/ sales job cause i couldn't take it anymore. maybe if i were more seasoned i would be able to control my emotions better but i really started to feel like i was learning to hate people.

Thats how I feel. Although now I'm convinced that I dont hate people...I hate customers.

Congrats on the job. Is it a job more suiting to your personality?