In A Thong

I always work out in either a thong or a thong and bra. I feel more comfortable like that and more free. I did have a personal trainer (who was a boy) and he loved how i dressed. lol. He always touched me to show me what to do and i liked it too. lol.We had alot of fun.
thonglover90 thonglover90
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9 Responses Apr 16, 2011

wood you be my trainer

At my gym clothing rules were relaxed ater 11.00pm

Boys worked out shirtless - dripping sweat.

I prefereed to ***** to just my tight white briefs for my work out.

In the locker room afterwards I always managed to get my arse ******

we feel the same about one thing honey. i don't like to be completely nude. i just want to wear a little less clothing when i f4el sexy.

Now im 23

And, do you need a new trainer? I'm sure that I could be a great help to you.... Oh, and did I mention I do massage, as well? ;)

I dont really like to hsow off my ***** sorry (even though its a nice pssy) lol

Working out completely nude would, at least in my opinion, be more fun.

We did end up going out lol but not anymore im single lol

Lucky trainer.