I hate the synthetic materials they use in sports wear, so an aerobics class for women in underwear or nothing at all would be really appealing. We would undress in the changing room, walk into the gym (no shoes, so no worries about marking the floor), and when we are finished just go straight into the shower. What could be more simple?
LizzieLost LizzieLost
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5 Responses Sep 26, 2015

There's a exercise class daily at the resort I go to. They are done in the nude, mostly women.


that sounds like the life XD

Well, if no one objects to my operation scars, I'd love to sign up :-)

Of course not Beth. It is good for the healing process to some air circulating around your wounds :-)

Only way you could make it more simple is to allow us to drive nude from home to the gym, and back again, where we are always naked. Why dress and undress in between? But I don't see it happening soon. May want to look into a membership at a Nudist Resort where it would be ok.

Nice idea, but not in England in September! This girl is a little prone to the chills and from now on will only take off her clothes indoors :-)

You are right Lizzie! I tend to reply from my perspective, it was 97 degrees here yesterday and will be back up over 100 in a few days. Ideal for "always nude" living.