I have a nice area in my basement where I work out. I have a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, weights and weight bench. I workout almost every morning. I enjoy having the TV or radio on when I'm working out, it tends to make the time go by. And when I'm lifting, I generally have the volume turned up a bit.

We are also having some work done on the basement entrance to the house. There is a lot of rain in the forecast, and the workmen apparently decided to start early today without telling me.

As I was on the bench doing presses, unknown to me, they showed up, entering from the basement door. I have no idea how long they were there before I noticed them. I only realized they were there when I felt cooler air flowing over my body.

To be honest, I wasn't embarrassed nor ashamed of them walking in on me, but I was a bit peeved they came in so early without notifying me. When I realized they were there, I racked the weights, sat up and greeted them with a small bit of astonishment. The one fellow didn't seem to bat an eye, but his assistant kept averting his eyes from me.

I walked over to where the work was to be done, still without any covering, and talked with them about what the plans were for the day. I also commented that if I'd known they were coming this early, I wouldn't have been in their way.

The conversation continued with me being naked and sweat covered, with the one guy acting as if walking in on a naked man working out was an everyday occurrence, and the other fellow trying to stay outside, unloading their vehicle so he wouldn't have to see me.

I ended my conversation with no apologies, but a request that if they were going to come early again, they were to call ahead.
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well that is how it should be i mean your house you are naked they walk in on you i dont see any problem
i have the same as you do except for weights in my basementi work out nakedalso morning and when i get home at night over the weekend its when ever iget dwon there one sat i wasworking out and my wife walk in back door right next to my bike which i was on to get garden tool and with her gf next door nieghbor wave as they walk in and keep working on bike

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