It is my preferred way to work out. No clothing to constrict you and no need to worry about them getting sweaty and smelly. It lets your body breath and the blood flow and your muscles expand without hindrance.

And just doing physical activity in the nude is kind of fun too.
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Good for you. You got it right. I've been a full-time nudist since I was 18 and I do everything in the buff unless there is a reason not to. However, I do recommend protection when working with power tools or frying bacon!

Power tools yikes

So far I have only been able to work out nude at home. It would be nice to do so in a gym!

Good for you--it is much better working out naked!

Do you workout at home, in a gym, some other setting? I would love to find a more public place to work out naked!

I workout at home. And that's if and only if nobody else is around; my nudity is not appreciated at home right now.

Again, that is too bad! I know the reaction; I have been there! I am continually working to stretch the opportunities to be nude and to get others in the family to accept naked experiences! It is often slow-going but little by little I am making progress! I know you have shared how challenging it can be, but I would encourage you to take little steps to allow yourself to be free! Best wishes--in the interim, take advantage of all the opportunities you are able!!

Thank you.