I actually just finished a workout in the nude. And I can say it's definitely not a sexual activity, for me at least. I mean come on, if you're lifting heavy weights there's only so much blood for each part of your body and the "goods" tend to be the last one the list during the lift and a couple minutes later. But I will say it's amazing for checking form as well as making sure all muscles are contracting properly. I recently noticed that when I do bicep curls nude, or even shirtless, that my right pec was tensing up a lot more then my left. It turns out the tendon that runs from your bicep to your pectorals was tight on that side. I've noticed similar things when I do squats naked. I can understand why the ancient Greek's and Roman's worked out in the nude. As soon as you get over the "giggling" phase you'll realize there are legitimate benefits to being naked.
tnatna tnatna
31-35, M
Jan 9, 2016