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I belong to a private gym and every once in a while they will let me stay there and work out nude after they have closed down. None of them seem to mind in fact half of them have told me that they do it too.

SherryCocklover SherryCocklover
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Well i go to gay gym and pool.sauna etc are all clothing optional. as for main gym technically shorts are required but most of us ignore the rule...its just so more comfortable being unrestricted

Sounds like an ideal marketing strategy.... selected clients and staff invited to a closed session. A bit like the original olympics!

Well kitty I'd say about 90%

How many of your naked workouts have "Worked Out"?

I totally agree. Working out naked is such a turn on and I end up getting a much better work out. I wish I could do it more often. My wife and I only get the opportunity to do so when we go to a nude resort in the Pocono's.<br />
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There has to be plenty of Dumb-Bell-ends watching though.

Envy you being able to do that. I enjoy lifting nude.

My favorite way to work out. Glad you have the opportunity to do so.

Sounds like an exciting way to workout.

I am a nudist and the resort I belong to has a large workout facility. It is more fun working out with other nudists than by yourself. If you ever get the opportunity, try it.

I really like the fact that my trainers **** is dangling right in front of my face when he's spotting me too.

You're fortunate that you have the opportunity to do this! I think that it makes sense to exercise in the nude-you do not have the uncomfortable restraints of clothing, but also your skin is allowed to breathe, which is healthy.