So when i was growing up, my little sister always wanted a bikini. When she 11 she begged my mom for one. My mom said no. By then i was a nudist, and supported my sister to be one to but my mom didn't let her. When she turned 16 my mom let her get a bikini, if my sister would buy it. Sure enough she had a bikini the next day. i dont know what my mom was thinking when my sister came home with a string bikini but idk. do you think my mom was to harsh? i will have a daughter wanting a bikini soon so any advice. Note: My daughter is a nudist but only at home. She will be a teen soon and she wants the guys to see her in a bikini not nude.
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I've always worn a bikini, I can't think of a time when I did not. They were always modest though until I was older.

I don't see any thing wrong with your daughter wearing a bikini.

Go with her to pick one out, don't be too conservative let her show alittle skin, a string bikini may not the thing for a 13 yo.

I had two daughters and went through the same thing, they grew up in a clothing opp home so nudity was not an issue, their mother went with them when it came time to buy that kind of gear, not too reveling but something we could agree on. The girls were not afraid to show their body's as nudity was common around our house but had to be alittle more conservative in public.