My Wife In Wicked Weasels

My lovely wife of 30 YEARS wears wicked weasels to the beach on a daily basis...she has 403's, 405's, 446's. 449's 414's..etc. She loves them, as do I. For all of you who will not wear one in public, I suggest you lose your prudish attitude.
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Any pictures !

ELVIS 66 -she wears them for a number of reasons -
1. the WW "g's" make HER feel sexy
2. she says they are the most comfortable costumes she has ever owned,
3. she loves the sense of power she gets from turning heads.
4. they are the closest she can get to being nude on the beach without getting reported or arrested.

hope that answers your question!

I also wear wicked weasel in public beaches and I love it! That's so naughty and it makes me wet and my husband horny. I've also posted pictures in microminimus.

that's really cool, I would luv to see her in them or without them. That is awsome that she is that confident. Way to go girl more power to you. who gives a **** what other people think, If they don't want to see you then don't look.........

Does she wear them to attract other men or just get you hot?

my wife only wears wicked weasel g-strings - does not even own a costume top - I need to buy her a couple more - but the rand/aussie $ exchange rate is VERY limiting!

Yeah they are certainly pricey. I love land locked so the opportunities are limited

My wife wears a WW whenever we are away from kids!

I want my wife to get on but she is nervous the neighbors will see. That turns me on.