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We raised our daughters as nudist. So going nude for them was no big deal. A few years ago, my husband had to work in Miami for several months. When school ended, my daughters and I joined him in Miami. He rented us a condo on South Beach. My daughters were in love with the beach and had no trouble going topless on the beach or pool.

They all wore thongs, but complained they were getting tan lines.  We visited Houlover Beach so we could be nude. They didn’t like getting up and going to that beach; because it took us thirty minutes to drive. They could hit the beach in seconds from where we were staying.

On a shopping trip we came across a shop with Wicked Weasels bikinis. The girls tried them on. Even my youngest loved them. They got me to try one on, I loved how small it was, but there was no way I was going to wear one in public. We bought several of them and my girls wanted to go back to our room. Back at the room the girls tried them on.  My middle girl screamed when her pubic hair was now visible under the new suit. My oldest had shaved since she started growing pubic hair, but middle daughter was very natural. I took her into the bathroom and trimmed. By early afternoon, we were all on the beach. All of us were topless, but the girls had on their Wicked Weasel bottoms. They were almost nude with very little coverage.

A couple hours after being on the beach, the girls wanted to go back to the pool. I was fine with this because the hotel allowed topless sunbathing.  When we got there my youngest dropped her cover and dove into the pool. She splashed around for a while. When she got out of the water her fabric was see-thru. There were very few people around.  My other daughters looked at each other and jumped in. Yes, all of the fabric was see-thru. We may have had a problem if we were not nudist. We spent the rest of the day by the pool. After dinner we went back to that shop and got more.

We spent most of the summer at the beach. They talked me in to wearing them too. They had the body for them; I don’t. We would go to Haulover, but the girls loved being on South Beach in there Wicked Weasel thongs.

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have to love wicked weasel

That's so great and such a wonderful memory for the girls

I'm sure you looked just fine.

Saw my first wicked weasel suit on a living person this weekend at a hot tub party and there certainly isn’t much to begin with. Might be the only one I’ll ever see in person in the state of Iowa.

Great story!

Great story!

very sexy

I love South Beach! Wish I had been there with you.

so very sexy!!!!

WW is the way to go!

Too much work to trim pubic hair :-)

I buy my wife WWs. She loves them as much as I do.

i usually stay in sunny isles because hotels directly on the beach are more affordable and its close to haulover where we can be totally naked, but my kids liked the 'vibe' in south beach too, so we still made the

I love wicked weasel bikinis!! If only I could get my wife to wear one:(

The whole South Beach area is a lot of fun. Aside from the sights on the beach, Lincoln Road is nice for strolling and I love having breakfast on Ocean Drive when it's quiet.

I love Wicked Weasels - I got one for my girlfriend that's very sheer and v-shaped in front, dipping down low enough to show some of her natural bush. I find this incredibly sexy. She was brave enough to wear it in public once, at a topless beach. She got a LOT of attention, as you can imagine! I would love to see her wear it at a hotel pool, or normal beach - so far, she hasn't been willing to do so- but I'm still hopeful!


love that - often see thru is sexier than nude

My wife and daughters have Wicked Weasels, bottoms only. They wear them more for fashion or when we are away from home. Our kids have swam nude at home since they were old enough to get in the pool. :)

a fun story

I admire the healthy attitude about nudity that you instill in your daughters. I came from a conservative family that discouraged open sexuality. I didn't learn to enjoy my body and exhibitionism until the past year or so. Wish I had developed these attitudes as a teen.

As far as I know, Wicked Weasel has only three retail shops and they are all in Australia. Maybe somebody is moonshining or it is a fake product from China.

The only Bikinis I own are from Wicked Weasel. if I have to wear one I try and go as tiny as I can or wear one of the see thru one. I love my blue one string with quarter size fabric that just cover each nipple and barely an inch wide piece of fabric for my *****, I really like when it rides up and my lips bulge out of either side. i'd rather be naked but when you have to you have to.

My 11yo prefers to go nude but she saw me looking at wicked bikinis on line and she liked so I got her a few she also likes the one string she looks so cute in it. She has also said she likes how it feels when the string is between her slit it gets her very worked up when we are in the pool. It's not long till she strips them off and jumps on my lap in the house to cuddle