Wetting At Costco

Today I had to shop at Costco, so I wore an Abena Abri-Flex M3 pullup, just in case I needed to pee while I was away from home. (Ever try to find the restroom in an unfamiliar understaffed store?) I made it through shopping and self-service checkout (too bad I didn't see any diapers on the shelves), and then into the parking lot before the urge to wet hit me. As I transferred my purchases to the trunk of my car, I let a few squirts of deliciously hot pee into my diaper, but I wanted to feel it pool around my privates when I was sitting down, so I stopped the flow and finished loading my car. There was so much traffic on the way home that I completely forgot about wetting myself. Rats! As I brought the groceries into the house, though, my bladder reminded me of its condition and I let out some more pee. Very nice feeling! It looks like I'll have to rehydrate before I'll be able to enjoy wetting while sitting.j

Update: I've just finished cutting the grass. It was convenient not to have to go inside to relieve the pressure in my bladder. Now I'm doing it while I type. The compression shorts are keeping the soggy pullup close to my crotch, and the hot pee tickles my scrotum nicely before being absorbed by the diaper.
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May 19, 2012