I Worn Then To College

when i was 16 my parents gave me some money to go and buy a pair of jeans. i went to a local shop that sold just jeans. when i was ther i found a lovely pair of jeans with nice embroidery on the back pockets. i asked if i could try them on and the women told me that they where girls jeans i said i knew and that these where the ones i wanted. i wore them to college for ages and all around until one day my day said that my *** in those jeans looked girly and that i should not wer them
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

Lmao! Wear what you want! I'm a dude that likes skinny jeans and finds that girls' fit me better. I've also work skinny booths too. Certain jeans styles might be fem, but it adapts to the male form also. My body still looks like an average skinny guy body but in jeans that flatters my body type.

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