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Lipstick, Of Course

When i dress-up i always wear lipstick. I would never go out without it. Being a crossdresser, lipstick is part of what i am. I do wear wear lip-gloss, too.  When i don't fully dress , i will wear lip-gloss going out somewhere. I like pink and brown colors the best and my wife thinks these colors work best for me. I do like red colors but she says they don't look right on me. I value her opinion.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 5 Responses Feb 4, 2011

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Like you, I am an older male crossdresser and when in full drag I'll wear reds and other dark colors like purple. For everyday use, I've found light pastel shades, especially pink are virtually unnoticeable. I use them like chapstick, to keep my lips moist but there's a certain naughtiness to it as well.

Certainly ! I never dress without wearing lipstick. I usually wear foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, but as Abigail said , Lipstick is the finishing touch ! It is soooooo feminine, & soooooo sexy. My fav. colours are bright pinks & mauves.

I love lipstick, the feel,the smell, the taste all are so femme. Without lipstick you look so,,blah !!!!!

I think that lipstick is the finishing touch on my make up My make up does not look right if I don't apply lipstick .And if I am not looking fully made up I don't like being out and a bout because I feel embarrassed and seem like a try hard .I love lipstick and lip gloss .I may have a similar complexion to you because I to like browns and pink and these colours are the ones that seem to work best for me.

Good for you. I'm a closet TV and would love to confabulate with you on various things about dressing and being a TV. I can be reached at I'm from Long Island NY.<br />
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Be well:<br />