Yes I Wear Lipstick

Wife applied her lipstick on the first day she dressed me up in saree. It was bright red, not only i liked the look, I loved the taste when, i ran my tounge over my lips. Later she has bought lighter darker shade of red lip stick, which i apply, when i am fully dressed. I would to have it on everyday, i dont know when can do that
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4 Responses May 20, 2012

na lipstick potindu un sunnikku mutham kudtha/ unsunnikku lipstick pota maadri aavo da

hi, darling.<br />
<br />
you are wearing saree daily in your house as a lady all the time with your wife ?

only when the kids r not at home and in a saree i will be the home maker

I will have bright red lipstick on my lips and will plant kisses on your hard **** along the full length living my lip prints in it and will have one kiss on the head around ur *** hole<br />
Take ur balls in my hand plant kisses on each ball. It will be so sexy

can you lipstick my ****

I just saw ur pics. would have loved to do that, iy was really rempting

tell me more

en samanukkum lipstick poduviya?