Makeup And Men

how many men actually wear or want to wear makeup.
i use lipstick regularly, and love it
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6 Responses Sep 2, 2012

I, too, love the creaminess and taste of lipstick. I find that lipgloss lasts much longer. When I'm not dressed en femme, I use a natural lip color so I can use it all the time without concern of what others think.

Allways wanted to do it, earlier today I bought CoverGirl #120 a light pink and takes a little of the red out of my lips. I'm going to go to work with it on. Im doing my nails now but thats nothing new for me.


At least 2, 3 times a week I apply lipstick.

i do a full make over on myself occasionally,
i feel good when i do,

I use some powder on my nose and wear a light pink lipstick often when I travel.

Same with me, never dress without wearing lipstick.<br />
Hardly ever suck or **** without wearing it either, lol.