Getting Used To It

Hello hope everyone is doing great. I have been wearing lipstick more and more around the house but the kick I used to get is lessening. I don't know if I'm getting used to it or what. Sometimes I use lip gloss as well to enhance the look. Anyways I hope I don't lose the thrill of wearing lipstick and having pretty lips.
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I didn't think that you could ever lose the thrill of wearing lipstick. I do not often get the chance to wear lipstick so when I do it is still a very big thrill for me. I even get a thrill when kissing a woman wearing lipstick and it leaves that little bit on my lips.

well sometimes if you get to do something more often as I do um you the drill does were all of it has but I still love my pretty lips. its just you think different about them you don't get horny every time you do lipstick but what does happen is you feel natural with your lipstick on if that makes any sense

Yes it does make sense. I am just hoping I don't get to that point that I lose the thrill. I get a thrill right now just thinking about it and being able to put it on increases that thrill for me. Looking at your profile pic you do have very pretty lips and I hope you can get the thrill back putting your lipstick on.

well its just when you get to will you grow with your femininity will you change your mind about certain things its not that you don't enjoy say lipstick or whatever but when you put it on you are who you are so I am Sarah and I am Sarah more often and that makes me feel nice so it's not just a lipstick it's everything I feel natural happy.

I understand what you are saying and I am so happy for you that you can be Sarah more often. I think for me I will always have that thrill because I don't see a time in the future for me where I will be Kimmi enough to lose the thrill. Part of me would love to be Kimmi full time but there is a part of me that doesn't want to give up my other life.

well I can definitely understand that and you know we all are different people so I don't know just have different stages in life and we feel different at those stages I guess you know sometimes someone to just is ready or is never ready.

When I am dressed as Kimmi I wish I could stay that way and then when I return to my male persona I am not so sure about what I want. Some day I hope to figure it out. I think if I looked as good as you I would find it much easier to make a decision.

sweetie never easy decision but you have to be honest with yourself and gain confidence if you have confidence and you are honest with yourself that this is how you are it ends up being a simple decision but not easy

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Would love for you to leave lipstick marks on me.

Fabulous sweetie

I once read where some men like the lipstick taste on the men who suck their dicks with lipstick on. I tried it and wore the lipstick to suck my best man but he really didn't care so I didn't do it anymore.

were you scared?

Hi Sarah so your coming out but you can't wait my coming was very special I wore a satin white long sleeve blouse ruffles down the front black 2 tier ruffled skirt short full body briefer 36c breast Inserts off black sheer pantyhose low slung black heels jewelry and most important makeup went shopping in the mall and nobody gave me a second look so have a good time on your first outing you will always remember it

Yeah I need to work on my girly voice. I've been told singing helps I play and write music so I could always do some girly vocals some.

Wouldn't that be a blast honey

I love wearing my red lipstick. Glad to hear you enjoy it too. Would love to make out sometime.

Yes it is and I've not felt this good on anything like I do this.

I feel so natural and alive when I slip into something silky and let my voice change. I become a woman and I'm free

I do enjoy it I'm just adjusting to being feminine and loving every minute of it.

Isn't being fem lovely

I've got noone to kiss at the moment but do love all things feminine. Glad you wrote me.

Wearing lipstick is another step into femininity. Enjoy making your lips colorful and pretty

It ccertainly is growing and I'm soaking it in.

You've got to continue to have fun.

Thanks for the response and your right about that. Some things have changed but I still get a thrill as I learn.

You girls are great. Keep the comments coming.

I guess your right about that. I am still getting a good feeling about dressing though. I can't wait to get my corset on and wearing some panties when I get home in a few days. So for now I'm Sarah the sissy signing out.

I see what you mean. My family is conservative so there is a limit to what I can do but I do think I will venture a bit more though. Thanks for writing me and like I've said before I'm open for advice anytime. My sissy collection is getting bigger and who knows when it will stop. I will be lipsticked for sure when I get home in a few days . How long have you been dressing?

your becoming like pinkswoman, the thrills fades, but the truth stays, it's just un step into your acceptance. Once feminized tvhere is no turning back

"I love to put my purse on the counter to pay for something and will never go back to my old life"

Freedom isn't free, it cost and sometime a alot. refering to some of the people to when this way and disavowed by there famillies as thou they became ill with leprosy, in thailand it's different there more acceptance. I guess it depends on where you live. In the USA the bible belt doesn't seem to be a good place. they seem to have a Taliban mentality (sort of you have to be like I want you to be, Instead of being who you are. )( I maybe wrong on this one or maybe I'm right). Although I'm pretty sure that's it not all the bible belt peple who are like that.

I started crossdressing for the thrill as well and over the years the thrill has faded. Six months ago I accepted myself as transgender and have been living a full time woman ever since. I still don't get the thrill out of the clothing anymore but the idea of being a woman for the rest of my life excites me a lot. I love to put my purse on the counter to pay for something and will never go back to my old life