Been Doing It Most Of My Life.............

Well, the first time I wore pantyhose under my clothes was when I was 10 years old because I was late for school and did not have time to take them off. I felt good, although I was wearing underwear. Now, I have worn pantyhose under my uniform, while I was in the Army. I just had to be careful of my trousers because they could have come out of my boots. I used to wear nice panties under my pantyhose during this time because it felt so much better. I had to hide my pantyhose deep in my duffle bag prior to my deployment to Iraq, and I was lucky to have my own room during my deployment, and I was able to enjoy my pantyhose to my hearts desire. While I was deployed, I decided to do away with panties because I had to dump out my dirty clothes at the laundry drop off. Actually, I loved the feel of nylon on my body. I had such a hard on the first time I wore pantyhose without panties. It is the only way I wear them now. I do have a few photos of myself prior to heading to work in a shirt and tie and pantyhose. I wear socks, when I go to work because I usually wear Doc Martens boots, and my feet kept sliding with just pantyhose. I wore suits at my last job, and I loved the feel of my pants rubbing against my shaved pantyhose covered legs. I sometimes needed a break to pleasure myself because I would get so aroused. It is such a great feeling. At the moment, I am just wearing my black Wolfords and a Cure t-shirt.
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i to have wore pantyhose under my work clothes but i like to wear my panties in my pantyhoes