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Last weekend i decided to go shoe shopping for some black tall ladies low heel boots. I went to Aldo shoes first because i know they do carry some ladies styles in size 11. Because it was Saturday there were 3 salesladies working and one lady customer in the store. As it was that customer was also trying on exactly what i was looking for. This meant i was going to have to sit right beside her as I tried on boots. Oh well I said to myself Time to be confident and show no fear! So i told one of the salesladies what I was looking for and she showed me A one pair and explained that this was the one style they had left in big sizes. I said okay and off she went to get my size from the back. while she was gone i looked at the other styles available and saw some lovely ones with heels but I reminded myself that i was looking for low heels. As I browsed the customer and the other sales ladies watched me and I loved every minute of it. When my saleslady returned she said we only have size 10 no size 11 in these would you still like to try them on?. I said okay I will because sometimes 10's do fit. Well these did not. So I said thanks anyhow and then she said she could order size 11 for me or I could go to one of their other stores . I thank you I will go to one of your other locations. Then she said you know if you like we do have 2 styles of tall with heels you can try on. I said really? Wow that would be very nice, but I really am looking for low heels. She said well it is not busy and i have nothing else to do so I don't mind if you wish to try them on. I thought for a moment and said okay I would love that.

The first pair she brought out were black patent with a 3.5" spike heel and pointed toe. I simply adored them. They fit quite well except for the arch was snug but I have come to expect that as i have a tall arch. I got up and started walking around the store in them. I went over to the mirror and checked out how they looked. I was in love with these boots. I then noticed the other customer and the 3 salesladies were all stopped and watching me. There was look of shock curiousness and amazement on their faces and a big grin on mine. I sat back down and said Wow I am surprised I thought they would be harder to walk in. The sales lady said Really? you have never wore high heels before? To which I replied well I am tall so I have always avoided high heels and She replied Well you sure can walk in the well for a first timer. And then the other customer said No kidding I was sure you were going to fall over!, to which I laughed and so did all of them. I tried on the other boots but I did not like the style of them near as much.

I put my shoes back on and thanked her and said that I just might come back to get those.

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do you wear naylon stockings in store or you take naylon store for wearing shoes

Sometimes I do. Depends on the weather as well as my mood etc. If I am not wearing nylons I ask for nylon socks from the store. Most store have them available for customers.

I believe I am an 11 also as 10's seem awfully tight. How ever as I walk in the 10's they have a tendency to slip off especially the left one. I gotta wonder do I have different sized feet?

Most people feet are .5 size difference

Oh great! There goes my ability to run in heels. I guess it's break out the duct tape. lol

lol or two socks on the smaller foot?

Yeah that5's going to look really cool? two socks on the small foot under sheer panty hose and heels. Might as well be a bg lady. Should they be striped? lol

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Buying first shoes is soooooo scary.<br />
It get better more you buy

Yes it is! And yes it does. I love doing it and i love heels.

We go shopping together

I wear a size ladies 12 EE or 13 but i mostly buy boots with a cuban heel as i find they are more stable and can be repaired easily and they are good for up to 4 inch high

well even though I wish i was size 10 I know I shoulf be thankful I am 11 and not larger. I do know i hardly ever see anything bigger then size 11

I Live in Australia a shop called Long Lines shoes have catered for the larger sized womens shoes for over 40 years and they don't mind guys trying them on at all, but must wear knee highs at least (they'll provide some too). This shop also does mail order.

I'd go back for the 3.5 stiletto heeled boots. Who cares how tall they make you. I have shoes with 5 and 5.5 inch heels that I wear.

I hope so too for you choochoo

That is awesome! I hope one day I can do the same! :)

oh I sympathize with you linda......almost impossible I reckon

try finding decent shoes/boots in a 12.......

if you wet the shoes you should keep them wet and wear them bit by bit till they fit without becomeing dry and keep them on finally till they are dry. otherwise it won´t work.

Well most shoe makers only make ladies up to size 10 and depending on the style etc a 10 sometimes fits me. But more and more places are starting to carry womens size 11 which is great! It is also good news for the females that do have size 11 feet of which i personally know 2 that do. And thanks for the wet tip.

my experience is that at least my prefered shoes, which are ballerinas, may be up to two numbers smaller and it´s no big deal also if you wear them wet the first times and keep them on only for a short time.

yes 11 is more difficult to find

size 11 is bit more difficult to get ... I only need 10, sometimes 9 is fine too

Ah you are so right indeed Susie49! And they do know my name...... well i think I shall get them this coming week!

If those boots know your name when you walk by that store, then you have to buy them. I was in a museum shop to purchase the book that went with the exhibit that I had just seen and I saw some earrings in a case. Those earrings knew my name and kept calling me, so I had to purchase them. Those earrings are still a pair of my favorites and wear them often!

I found a pair of lower heel in a different store actually. But those high heeled ones are still beckoning

So did you go back and get the boots with heels? Or find the ones you wanted with lower heels?